Skiers Vs Boarders

“Look at them waving around with their poles, ruining all the snow for us”


“There should be board slopes, you know, for the kids to slide”

Fellas, fellas! Who cares whether you like it on a board or with poles? Might as well be on luge, as long as you’re enjoying the snow! Cos that’s what it’s all about right? Surfing the slopes, on a clear sunny day, watching the Mediterranean stretching at the horizon and have a cold icy beer with a stuffed,guilt-free burger. That’s what skiing in Lebanon is all about! This:

Snowboard Lebanon Ski

The only rivalry we’ll accept here is during competitions and shows! So make sure to catch the Mzaar Winter Festival 2011 for never seen before acrobatics and performances, happening this upcoming weekend. Only a couple of rooms remaining at the San Antonio Hotel starting $150/night including taxes and breakfast.

The Roads Are Open… To Mzaar and The Cedars

Ski Lebanon Snowboard

The Prophecy is happening. We have been predicting it, preparing for it, and now finally, it has fallen upon us. No more begging the boss for a day off to hit the mountains because, seems to us, he’ll be begging you to tag along!

Mzaar Ski Lebanon

Mzaar-Kfardebian – Photo by Gerard Paviet

When Beirut is busy being on the news, all roads lead to Mzaar and the Cedars. Nothing but fresh healthy mountain air, peace, quiet, great food, warm atmosphere and 3 Ss: ski, snowboard, snow! You have guessed it, rooms are selling fast so make sure to book yours at the few remaining options in Mzaar (ex Faraya-Mzaar) such as the MzaarVille Panoramic Chalets starting $175/night including taxes, the Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel starting $269/night including taxes and breakfast and the Cedrus Hotel in the Cedars starting $155/night including taxes and breakfast.