What else to do in the snow

If avid skiers and snowboarders had our wish, every day would be a winter day with fresh powder, clear skies, and perfect conditions. But in the real world, winter only lasts a few months, and the lifts are subject to circumstances.

Yesterday, for example, strong gusts of winds forced all chair lifts at The Cedars  to close for the day. Bummer. It raised an interesting question — is there life after ski slopes in the winter? What else can you do in the snow?

Here are some uplifting ideas for when the chairlifts are down:

snowmobile_faraya1) Snowmobile. Around the Mzaar resort area, there are a number of great places to make tracks on the newest models of snowmobiles out there. If you book through SKILEB.com, we’ll hook you up with two of our favorite operators The ‘Cheers on the Top’ tour takes you to the highest peaks where the views are great. Or, the Mission La Cabane route will take you on a scenic ride all the way to La Cabane.  More details about snowmobile in Lebanon.


2) Snowshoe. The old Nordic sport of snowshoeing is becoming trendy all over again in winter climates around the world. No lifts required, and no motors involved; this is an active sport that requires good old-fashioned manpower if you want to explore the depths of the white-blanketed wonderland around you. Give it a try if you haven’t already — your heart will thank you.


3) Build a snowman. As the old saying goes, “if life hands you snow, make a snowman.” Or something like that. If you’re stuck at your lodging and there’s no hope for the slopes, make the best of it. Practice the art of silly snowman design. Then send us a photo and we’ll post it on the SKILEB.com Facebook page, where our army of comic snowmen is growing. Here are a few examples from our snowman collection. Extra credit points if your snowman is wearing a SKILEB.com hat.

So, if the lifts are temporarily down, don’t despair. Take it as a reminder that there are all sorts of ways to enjoy the powdery white stuff and have some winter fun.

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Snow Paparazzi

Dear friends, we believe it is safe to say that our snow dance is working – quite impressively if we might add!

Here are the latest snap shots taken from skileb’s webcams showing a lot of fresh dump of snow in the Cedars:

Snow Lebanon
Snow in Mzaar – Kfardebian previously known as Faraya-Mzaar:

Lebanon Snow
Anyone heading towards the mountains, equip yourself with some chains; the driving conditions are really bad. But hey, on a lighter note, this means we are skiing in Lebanon till early April! Wooohoooo.

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Finally, to all our teachers, thank you for your patience and wisdom: Happy Teacher’s Day!