Lebanon’s History and Geography, Up Close And Personal!

Lebanon is located in the East of the Mediterranean. It is 212 km long and it is 85 km wide from East to West. It is one of the world’s smallest countries, with its area being just 10, 452 square kilometers. Nonetheless, what it lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in geographical diversity.

Lebanon’s enthralling history stretches back to thousands of years ago. It even dates back to the prehistoric man who lived in caves and traveled the river valleys searching for shelter and food. Throughout history, many foreign empires were captivated by Lebanon’s natural resources and strategic positioning which bridged the East and West. These empires were able to successfully conquer and colonize the land.
A Taste of Lebanon's History
5000 B.C. The Beginnings of Agriculture
1100 B.C. The Phoenicians Kings of Mediterranean Trade
64 B.C. The Roman Conquest
661 The Umayyads
750 A New Dynasty: The Abbassids
1096 The Seljuks and the First Crusade
1291 The Mamlukes Drive Out the crusaders
1516 The Ottoman Empire
1920 French Mendate
1943 Independance and National Pact
1975 Lebanese Civil War Begins
1992 Taef Pact – End of Civil War

Lebanon is overloaded with beautiful historical and geographical attractions to visit and see for yourself! Why not book a room at a hotel in the Cedars village, near the stunning Cedars reservation?
Another great site to see is the village of Laklouk where you can book your stay at the Shangri-La Hotel.

Weekend in Lebanon: 3 Refreshing Getaways!

Looking to get away from the heat and noise of Beirut?  Escape from the city for a weekend in the mountain countryside.  Get active, relax, take the kids to see something special, or do whatever it is you love to do that re-energizes you for the upcoming week.  Skileb.com has put together three different itineraries for the ultimate weekend experience in Lebanon.

weekends in lebanon
1)    Get active! Weekend at Laqlouq Village Vacances

At 1750 meters of altitude, Laqlouq resort is a cool breath of fresh air in the summertime.  With a stunning terrain of ridge-surrounded plateau, Laqlouq is the destination for high adventure and adrenaline-filled outdoor fun.  Included in the weekend package price is:

  • Accommodation at either the Nirvana or the Shangri-La hotel (with pool access)
  • rock climbing (one hour of instruction) OR half a day of biking
  • one hour of archery

Don’t miss this great way to get outside and stretch your muscles a bit before the long week ahead. Read more about the weekend deal at Laqlouq Village Vacances

2)    Pure relaxation: Batroun Village Club

Rejuvenate mind and body with a luxurious stay at the Batroun Village Club.  Batroun is a lovely coastal city in northern Lebanon where visitors can enjoy lovely sunsets over the sea and the fresh air of a mountainous landscape at the same time.

The Batroun Village Club offers ideal relaxation.  A highlight is a tropical pool, which overhangs from a terrace rock face, looking out to a glimmering Mediterranean Sea.  It’s the perfect soak after a day of leisure activity at Batroun Village Club’s many facilities, such as tennis court, squash court, and even a stable for horse riding.

Read more about a weekend at Batroun Village Club

3)    Family Fun!  Take the kids to Jbeil

This adventure trip will keep the kids happy and intrigued all weekend long. The area of Jbeil is beautiful countryside far out of sight from the stress of the city. A weekend here starts with an excursion to do some hunting of live fossil fish.  The sight-seeing continues at the monastery of St. Maron for a picnic lunch.

After a night’s rest at The Oasis, the next day is on the road by bicycle along the leisurely trails of Laklouk.  The final stop on day two is the Balaa Pit, with its own secrets and surprises. Find out more about this excitement-filled tour! Family weekend in Jbeil.

In Snow We Trust!

Ski in Lebanon

Well folks, after a long, beautiful, sunny day on the slopes, it’s safe to say that skiing is paradise on earth! And for all you superstitious out there, there’s only one way to find out now, isn’t it?

Ski Lebanon

Ahh, heaven!

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