The Cedars Polyathlon

Poly Liban 2010 Cedars

The THREE SUMMITS :QORNET EL SAOUDA (3088M) SANNINE (2628m), JABAL EL CHEIKH (2814m). A combination of biking and mountaineering for six days in a row!

Poly Liban 2010Details of the Cedars Polyathlon and Polyliban:

Cedars Polyathlon 2010:
Meeting friday 24th of september in Byblos
25th & 26th of September 2010 –> rafting, swimming, biking from Jbeil to the cedars, hiking to Qornet el Saouda

PolyLiban 2010:
27th : Biking from the Cedars to Baskinta
28th : Summiting Sannine (2628m), biking from Sannine to Rayak
29th : Biking from Rayak to Rachaya el Wadi, passing around Qaroun lake.
30th : Summiting Jabal el Cheikh (2814m), back to Beirut

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