Winter Events at Mzaar

This winter, coming to Mzaar are events you wouldn’t want to miss! Read about them below:

MZAAR WINTER FESTIVALmzaar winter festival
Like every other year, the Mzaar winter Festival brings us several events in one day! This year, it’s taking place on the 20th of February with  a day that begins with fun and excitement! The schedule is as written on the flyer to the right. (Click image to enlarge)

February 28th is the time to bring out the crazy in you by participating in the Jump n’ Freeze event sponsored by Redbull. This event will take place on the jonction slopes in Mzaar and will be nothing like your usual ski time since you will be designing your own costume and vehicle!
Watch the video below to understand how it works and how to register!

– Your vehicle should be around 2.5 meters long and 1 meter wide. If the vehicle is circular, then it should be at 2.5 meters in diameter.
– The weight of your vehicles should not exceed 50 Kilograms.
– You and your teammates need to be above the age of 16 to participate.

Note that you will be judged based on your costume, vehicle, crowd cheers and overall performance!

For more information, contact us on [email protected] or 71 625 314

You heard right! A hot show on the snow will be taking place this year on the 5th of March at Refuge terrace Mzaar! To make sure the ladies are warm, the event will begin at around 11.30 when the sun is shining bright!

See you at the slopes!


The Mzaar ski resort is one of the best spots for a trip in Lebanon, so how about visiting it from above?

At we turn an idea into a reality you will never forget.  Experience this delightful and peaceful adventure of flying  among the clouds over the Mzaar Ski resort. You are guaranteed to have the joy ride of a lifetime.

Booking should be done at least two days in advance however, the flight cannot be fully guaranteed until the day of the flight and upon arrival to the destination due to wind conditions which may vary. If the wind is not cooperative on that day, your session will be postponed to a later date with no extra charges.  Each balloon can lift up to 250kg (guide included)

To get there, you need to reach the Wardeh parking space of Mzaar Kfardebian resort after crossing Faraya village and then reaching ski field. You have to be present at the site by 6.30 am and if you need a lift from your hotel, just complete your booking and let us know by email.

Qualified professionals will be your guide through the whole experience which takes around 4 to 5 hours including preparation and landing. The flight is around 30 minutes.

The cost for this fun time in the air is $500. Insurance and snacks are not included in the price.

This memorable experience can be booked online at more information, feel free to call us on 70-211503 or email us at [email protected]

Mzaar Summer Relaxation

Mzaar Spa Treatment

It might not be ski season, but that doesn’t mean the mountains aren’t the best place for a relaxing and peaceful retreat. Come and spend your time off at the InterContinental Mzaar hotel spa resort. The spa has more than 1200 square meters of facilities waiting for you to take advantage of. Qualified and certified professionals are trained to ease every worry out of your mind and advise treatments specially made to match you and your needs. For booking and info.

Full body massage – 60min: This treatment gives maximum relaxation by loosening up of the body.
Affusion massage – 30min: Massaged by two people while having fine rain of warm water surrounding you.
Hydro massage – 20min: A progressive drainage produced by a series of jets directed onto areas of the body, relaxing muscles and joints.
Facial massage – 35min: Release facial tension and help blood circulation.
Body peeling – 25min: Natural peeling with massaging exfoliant creams to moisten the skin.
Detox wrap – 35min: The whole body is covered with a layer of algae which replenishes the body’s minerals and revitalizes the skin.

Don’t forget to contact us for any information and deals for overnight packages at the resort. If spa treatments aren’t what your looking for for the summer, feel free to contact us for suggestions and latest activities and specials. Call +961.70.103222 or +961.70.211503 or email [email protected]

Mzaar Winter Festival 2013

Mzaar Ski Resort and Skiing Society, in collaboration with Chabab Loubnan, present the Mzaar Winter Festival 2013, a day full of fun on the snowy Mzaar mountains. Join your fellow snow and ski lovers on Saturday March 2, 2013 for an unforgettable day of entertainment and fun!

At 10:00 am, witness, Air & Style, a competition featuring the international team, Atomic. Watch the Lebanese Army perform a spectacular ski show at 3:00 pm. Later, at 7:00 pm, don’t miss out on the band that will have the Mzaar mountains ringing with music. Finally, starting at 8:00 pm, enjoy free night skiing!

There will be an alcoholic bar on site for your refreshment needs. A DJ will warm up the atmosphere and there will be prizes worth $4,000 including a Ski Season pass. Entrance is free of charge.

Why not book a room in one of the prestigious hotels in the area to enjoy the full week-end in Mzaar! Click here for more details.

mzaar winter festival 2013

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Dania Assaly, World Icon Freestyle Skier, In Lebanon!

From February 3-8, Dania Assaly will be showing off her freestyle skills on the mountains of Lebanon. With Lebanese blood coursing through her veins, this Canadian freestyle skier will bust her moves off-piste and back-country for cameras. This spectacle will be extensively filmed and covered in order to promote skiing in Lebanon.

Dania Assaly

SKILEB Souvenirs Online Store

Are you hoping to take back a nice souvenir of your ski trip in Lebanon? has a nice selection of souvenirs suitable for gifts or for personal memorabilia.

SKILEB Souvenirs Online Store

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Ski Resorts in Lebanon

Lebanon is known for its mountain chain which, by summer, is an escape from the city heat and chaos, and ,in winter, is the perfect snowy haven for skiers and snowboarders. There are 6 major ski resorts scattered atop Lebanon’s mountains. Each resort  is known for a certain characteristic specific to its location and surroundings.


The Cedars is 130 km away from Beirut. Its top altitude is 3086 m! The Cedars has 5 ski lifts and a range of different slopes with some suitable for beginners. You will also find numerous restaurants, pubs, and clubs to enjoy your apres-ski experience.

Just 62 km away from Beirut, Laqlouq has a an altitude of 1920 m at its highest peek. There are 9 lifts on-site and all levels of expertise are welcome to enjoy the snow. You will also find on-site restaurants where you can enjoy your lunch break between ski runs.

Mzaar is just 46 km away from the Beirut International Airport. It boasts 18 lifts and 42 slopes with 82 km of ski tracks. At 2465 m altitude, the view from Mzaar’s mountaintops is breathtaking! There are slopes suitable for amateurs as well as expert skiers. Check out the area’s attractions; there are plenty of restaurants, pubs, cafes, and clubs to keep you busy after your ski adventure. Check out some hotels in Mzaar; it’s never too early to reserve your room!

Faqra is 43 km away from Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. The ski resort is built on privately owned land and has been around since 1974. With an altitude of 1980 m, Faqra is a great choice for your ski getaway. Make sure you leave time to enjoy the region’s other attractions such as restaurants and nightlife hubs.

Qanat Bakish:
45 km away from Beirut, Qanat Bakish, at 2050 m high, is an old village that built its first ski lift in 1967. This well preserved town is a great place to enjoy your secluded ski getaway. There are many restaurants where you can enjoy a nice lunch and snacks throughout your day.

The closest ski resort to Beirut, Zaarour is one of the smallest yet fun-packed resort in Lebanon. With an altitude of 2000 m and 7 ski lifts, Zaarour ski resort is a privately owned ski club. There are slopes constructed for all levels of skiing and snowboarding skills.

Mzaar Summer Festival 2012

As accustomed, every summer Mzaar holds a festival to celebrate Lebanon’s summer season. This year’s edition of the Mzaar Summer Festival, starting August 14th and lasting until August 19th, is jam packed with fun for all ages and interests!

Mzaar Summer Festival 2012 | |

Time Schedule

  • August 14, 2012: 11 am – 9 pm ; Don’t miss the Fireworks show at 8 pm!
  • August 15, 2012: 11 am – 9 pm
  • August 16, 2012: 3 pm – 9 pm
  • August 17, 2012: 3 pm – 11 pm
  • August 18, 2012: 11 am – 9 pm
  • August 19, 2012: 11 am – 9 pm

The festival will feature many exhibitors and artisans, a food court, and a lounging area with night-time entertainment.

Don’t miss the beauty dog show, fashion show by the pool, plenty of children’s activities, and even an extreme zone for extreme sports and adventure lovers!

Mzaar Summer Festival 2012 | |

If you’d like to benefit from the full festival along with the lovely summer-mountain weather, check out these accommodation packages, offered specially for you:

Mzaar InterContinental: Standard Double Room – 5 Night Stay – $1570 (Breakfast and Tax included)

Eleven: Double Room – 4 Night Stay – $880 (Breakfast and Tax included)

MzaarVille Chalets: Studio – 5 Night Stay – $1075 (Tax included)

MzaarVille Chalets: Two Bedroom Chalet – 5 Night Stay – $1450 (Tax included)

MzaarVille Chalets: Three Bedroom Chalet – 5 Night Stay – $1975 (Tax included)

Faraya Village Club: One Bedroom Suite – 5 Night Stay – $900 (Tax included)

Faraya Village Club: Two Bedroom Suite – 5 Night Stay – $1250 (Tax included)