“A few magical days” of ski and swim are here!

“Ski and swim in the same day.” This popular slogan captures Lebanon’s awesome contrasts. Where else in the world can you really hit world-class ski slopes in the morning, and be close enough to Mediterranean beaches to take a dip in the afternoon?

Lebabnon - Byblos beach
Get a preview of summer this weekend at Byblos Beach. Photo by flickr/jiangkeren

It’s true, few other places on earth can boast such drastically different scenery in such a small area. But is it really true that you can “ski and swim in the same day” in Lebanon?

Last weekend, Lebanon’s same-day claim to fame was confirmed by Daily Star reporter Alex Taylor. Although, has he aptly points out, there are only a “few magical days” each year when the weather cooperates enough for it to happen.

Those few magical days are happening right now! Mzaar ski resort has just announced that it has extended its season until this Sunday, April 15. This coming weekend is your big chance to pack the best of Lebanon into one day.

Mzaar Extended Time
It's not over yet. Mzaar has extended its season until April 15!

Don’t miss your chance for the last run of the season at Mzaar, and then get a head start on your tan for the summer at premier beaches like Edde Sands in Jbeil, Byblos. What could be better? If only the “best of both worlds” slogan were true every day of the year.

Share the Love – Help a Friend Hit the Slopes

It’s already a pretty bumper season of snow on Lebanon’s top ski slopes and we hope that many of you have already managed to make your way out onto the pistes to enjoy some of the outstanding powder that’s fallen so far this year.

If you’re a ski lover, have you considered spreading a little joy? Maybe you’ve got a friend that you’d like to introduce the experience to or maybe you want to stage an intervention and get someone out of their office and onto the mountain.

Flowers to Lebanon - New Gift Service

Luckily, there’s a great new way to share the wealth. Flowers to Lebanon is a great new gift service that allows you to purchase holiday experiences for your friends, colleagues and family. If you feel like playing the guardian angel, you can arrange for one of the very special packages to be sent directly to your lucky recipient.

In addition to gifts and presents, you can get your friends onto the slopes with a full day lift pass for the Mzaar resort. Or if you’re feeling especially generous, you can sign them up for the full ski experience package – plucking them out of the daily grind in Beirut for an amazing trip to the slopes.

Perhaps you’ve got a buddy who’s not so keen on skiing and you want to keep them out of your hair while you get some time to yourself? Why not help them gain a skiier’s appreciation for the breathtaking local scenery by having them hop on the back of a skimobile for a tour. You get to hit the slopes and they get a taste for powder while keeping their feet dry at the same time. Everybody’s a winner!

Of course, there are plenty of other gifts available for delivery if you want to send your commiserations to a friend who can’t get the time off from work to come skiing with you. Perhaps a nice bouquet of flowers or even a cake will be enough to cheer them up!

Share the love, share the fun and tell us about it on Facebook!

New Year’s Resolution: Ski Better!

ski_lessons_farayaOut with the old, in with the new. That’s the beauty of a new year, when we all have the chance to hit ‘reset’ and start fresh. It’s a good time to take a look at ourselves in the proverbial mirror and think about what we’d like to improve.

At Skileb.com, our New Year’s resolution is obvious — we want to perform even better out there on the slopes. There’s nothing like reaching a new goal or breaking a personal record. No matter what your level of skiing or riding may be, there’s always room for improvement. Now on Skileb.com, you can book your ski class, private ski lesson, or lessons for kids, all online while building your Lebanon ski trip.

Let’s Begin – Lessons for kids

Lebanon is an ideal destination for learning to ski, especially for kids. The two major resorts, Mzaar ski resort and the Cedars resort, both offer awesome classes to families with kids ages five and up. Well-qualified instructors are pros at the art of teaching through games and fun challenges. Kids will learn to get a feel for the snow, relax, and gain confidence quickly. Help your kids love and master the elegant lifelong sport of skiing from an early age. A pastime like this is one of the best gifts you can possibly share!

Ski school for groups

If you have a group of up to 8 learners, then Skileb.com can arrange a ski or snowboard class for your group. We can accommodate skill levels from beginner to advanced to professional. Great for extended families, school groups, and company events. There’s no better team-building exercise and good fun for your group than a day of learning on the slopes.

Private lessonsfaraya_skiing_2

Private lessons are a great idea for any level of skier or rider. Even advanced level pros can benefit from the insights and input of a specialist. Whether you’ve hit a dead end on the improvement curve or you just want some third-person advice on your strengths and weaknesses, a few hours of coaching from our well-qualified multi-lingual instructors could go a very long way.

Resolve to start your ski season on the right foot with a strategy for how to improve. What can you do right now, from that seat in front of a screen? Check out our special ‘snow tips and tricks’ page for some great advice articles.

Best ski lodge accommodation for families and access to lessons:
Aux Cimes Du Mzaar

Ski x 3 for Smart Skiers

Snow, snow, SNOW! Lebanon winter has begun, and the white stuff is falling. Ski season is coming, close enough we can almost taste it. To get ready, we figured out how to share Lebanon weather and ski conditions with you in three different ways.

Now, we’ve also figured out how to bring you the ultimate Lebanon ski experience in three days and three nights. Get the most out of your ski dollars with this new package we’ve put together, the Smart Skier Package, premiering this winter and available exclusively to the community of Skileb.com.

Mzaar Jonction slope
Mzaar: Jonction slope

With the Smart Skier deal, we’ve taking all the planning, hassle and worry out of your trip to Lebanon so that all you have to do is show up, ski your heart out by day, and enjoy the cozy comforts and high spirits of Mzaar by night.

Day 1
When you arrive at the airport, we’ll have transportation waiting there for you. It will take you directly to the MzaarVille Chalets, adjacent to Mzaar ski resort, about an hour’s drive from Beirut.  You’ll have time to settle into your chalet and relax by the fireplace in one of Mzaar’s all-time favorite chalet accommodations.

Day 2
Wake up to a lovely view of the snow-covered slopes that are just calling your name outside. Enjoy breakfast at Mange Tout Terrace restaurant, which is built in to the MzaarVille complex. From there, claim your rental gear at the sports shop, redeem your ski pass, and you’ll be ready for the first run of the day. Rinse and a repeat. You’ll have a total of solid three days of ski fun in Lebanon.

Day 3
Pretty much like like day two. Wake up, get ready, enjoy a great day on the slopes, and pass the evening dining and relaxing around MzaarVille Chalets.

Day 4
See days 1 and 2. Enjoy the third day of your lift ticket. Then, when the ski day is over, we’ll transfer you back to the airport in time for you to catch your flight from Beirut.

There’s really no better way to pack more into a four-day ski getaway in Lebanon. Another plus is that we’ll adjust the itinerary to fit your flight schedule to ensure that you get as much skiing in as possible. So if you arrive early on day 1 and leave early on day 4, then you can start skiing straight away. The price includes airport transfers, three nights’ stay at MzaarVille Chalets, ski or snowboard rentals and a three-day lift ticket. Now that’s one smart deal. Times three.

Go for it! Book our Smart Skier Package today.

An Overview of Lebanon’s Top Ski Resorts – Part 1

The season is nearly on us once more and, if you haven’t already, it’s time to start planning your next ski vacation in Lebanon.

The old hands and experts will undoubtedly already have their favorite destinations when it comes to choosing a resort, but for all the new people who are yet to experience the rush of a Lebanese skiing holiday, we’re here to give you a run down on the best resorts the country has to offer.

The View from the peak above Mzaar, Lebanon
The incredible view from the peak above Mzaar, Lebanon

The Cedars

Sharing its name with the country’s national emblem, The Cedars Resort is a great destination for those who love nature, or are looking for a relaxing break in (relative) isolation.

Located at an elevation of 2000m, the resort enjoys a slightly longer season than some of the country’s other resorts. In addition to multiple runs, visitors also have access to great hiking routes and incredible views.

The Cedars has plenty to offer to both beginners and experts, with pistes ranging from entry level all the way up to challenging black runs.

Click here to read more about the Cedars Resort.


Situated at a slightly lower altitude of around 1600 m, Laqlouq is a more accessible resort. In addition to being easy to get to, it also has a range of courses that are slightly more beginner-friendly than other destinations.

While the traditional skiing is excellent, Laqlouq is also known for the quality of its cross-country runs. If you like to complement your pistes with level courses, this is an excellent choice.

Click here to read more about Laqlouq.


Also known as Faraya Mzaar – Faraya being a nearby village. This is Lebanon’s most popular resort and has a huge variety of skiing on offer.

The Intercontinental Hotel, Mzaar
The Intercontinental Hotel - one of Mzaar's most popular accommodation options

Those who love a challenge will be impressed by the sheer number of options available to them, while newbies who are just starting out will receive an excellent introduction on the gentler slopes.

Mzaar is a bustling and welcoming resort with plenty going on. This is an excellent all-round destination and particularly appealing to those who enjoy the après-ski aspect as much as the slopes themselves.

Click here to read more about Mzaar.

Next week we’ll round off our overview of Lebanon’s best ski resorts. Until then, do you have a particular favorite? We’re always keen to hear from you! Leave us a comment below.

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Special Deals for Skileb.com Twitter Followers

It’s that time of year again, when powder-thirsty ski fans start looking forward to the upcoming season with real anticipation. Winter is coming, and Lebanon is gearing up for yet another session of outstanding skiing, snowboarding and general snow-based fun.

Now’s the perfect time to start planning your next ski break in Lebanon. For many, a skiing vacation in Lebanon is a no-brainer; hundreds of people will be making their way back to pristine slopes, such as those found at Mzaar and The Cedars, to re-experience the rush of carving lines on familiar territory.

For those who are yet to experience a ski holiday in Lebanon, there are tonnes of reasons to try something a little different and opt for this unusual and yet rewarding destination. In addition to the quality of the pistes, snow, accommodation and company, the thrill of experiencing skiing is such a unique environment is something that you’ll remember for years to come. With the waters of the Mediterranean and its picturesque coastal villages mere kilometres away, taking a ski holiday in Lebanon is almost like taking two breaks for the price of one!

Follow skileb.com on Twitter

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the Lebanese slopes or a newbie looking for something a little different, we have something very exciting to offer. In anticipation of the start of a new season, followers of our Twitter account – @skileb – are going to be the lucky recipients of a number of very special offers. All you have to do to get your hands on them is follow us!

In addition to delivering savings via tweets, we’re sticking with the avian theme by delivering a number of great ‘early bird’ offers on our homepage. Repeat visitors will know that Skileb.com consistently offers great prices on ski holidays in Lebanon, but eagle-eyed users will soon be able to pounce on all-new deals.

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Don’t forget that you can also visit our Facebook page to keep up to speed and to ask us questions. We’re happy to help.

We at Skileb.com are hugely excited for the new season and we want you to be too! Start planning today!

Spring Break in Mzaar

It may come as a surprise to mention the famous Lebanese ski resort at this time of the year, because there’s no more snow or skiing right? I mean, what can one possibly do among snow-less mountains?

Mzaar Lebanon

Well friends, we can’t even begin to list the numerous Lebanon summer outdoor activities in which the Mzaar resort prides itself in! So buckle up and let’s get up close and personal as nature unveils itself under a new season!

*Hot Air Ballooning: Ever wondered how the Mzaar mountains look like from above? A breathtaking experience at $166/person!

*Mountain Safari: Hop on in a 4-wheel Jeep or an ATV and discover the wild side of the mountains. A fresh BBQ awaits you at the top, all at $95/person!

*Stargazing: Have you ever looked up the sky at night and see it sparkling like diamonds? A twist of romance is just what it takes to set you in the right mood. Oh and it’s free!

Since you’re spending the night, benefit from unbelievable discounted prices in the resort starting with the 5-star Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel at $165/night including buffet breakfast or the MzaarVille Chalets with unique views over the mountains at $136/night.

MzaarVille Chalets Week-End Deal

When we kicked off this season, people were skeptic “We’re going to have Christmas by the beach” or “Oh, Santa’s coming down the A/C” but you, lovely fans of skilebanon, you saw otherwise. You saw this mere delay as a promise of a longer, magnificent and unparalleled  ski season, never before seen in years!

This definitely calls for celebration! And that is why, this SATURDAY, the MzaarVille Chalets are offering a 20% discount on all their chalets.

Chalet FarayaWait, a discount on a weekend? That’s right! As a token of our sincere appreciation for you loyalty and confidence throughout this season, we just want you to make the best out of your weekend at the Mzaar ski resort in Lebanon.

Like we promised, be the first to know everything that’s happening in Lebanon ski resorts and benefit from unimaginable deals by just becoming a SKILEBANON  FAN on FACEBOOK. And for what is worth, we are already your number one fan 🙂

Diamony Lingerie Show Countdown

Ah, beautiful sunny weekend and lots of fresh snow, things could definitely not get better. Or could they?

Fashion Ski Lebanon

Remember we’ve been mentioning something about beauties, snow, lingerie and all 3 mixed together? Yup, the Diamony Lingerie Fashion Show is kicking off this Saturday and it’s taking place at the Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel‘s Refuge terrace! So make sure to head to the Mzaar ski resort this weekend because it’s going to be nothing but ski, fashion and fun!

Want to spend the night in the resort but every chalet and hotel in Mzaar are fully booked? We always anticipate such unfortunate eventualities and thus we have secured a couple of chalets at the MzaarVille Chalets facing the Junction slope especially for our skileb.com readers; studio chalets at $215/night including taxes.

Finally, be the first to know about the latest deals for skiing in Lebanon by joining the SKILEBANON Facebook fan page. And that’s a wrap for today, who’re ready for some heart throbbing show on ice?