The Wild West Comes to the Cedars

If there’s one thing a good skiier needs, it’s balance. And if there’s one thing that a cowboy on the back of a bucking bronco needs, it’s almost certainly the same thing.

It’s not very often that the passtimes are compared, but now with the arrival of first and – to date – only international rodeo competition to be held in Lebanon rolls into the Cedars later this month. The Cedar Stampede Rodeo And Wild West Festival 2011 will bring plenty of unusual forms of entertainment to an area of Lebanon that’s best know for, amongst other things, its ski resorts.

Ski Leb Wild West

The festival brings with it a wide range of exciting and different passtimes – and offers a great deal more than jsut the opportunity to brush up on your balancing skills. Stunt riders, performers and rodeo champions from around the world will be descending on the El Rancho resort to demonstrate their skills, and perhaps share some tips with those who come to try their hand.

Prices start from 30,000 LBP, but there are discounts available for kids under 10. Things kick off on August 26 and run until September 4.

Ghodras, the small village that will play host to the event, is ideally located close to a number of key cities and towns, making it easy to get to. Bcharre, the focal point for many of the Cedars hotels and ski resorts, is located a short drive to the North East.

Beirut, and its wealth of Beirut hotels, is located a 40 minute drive to the south. Tripoli is about the same distance away up the Mediterranean coast. The beautiful waterfront destination of Byblos is, however, the closest of all – mere minutes away from Ghodras.

Practicing staying upright on your board using a mechanical bull is certainly one option, but there are plenty of other ways to get your fix of adrenaline-pounding excitement during the summer months in Lebanon. Take a look at our summer activites page.

While summer entertainment is an interesting way to pass the time before the ski season begins, the mountains and hills of North Lebanon are known and loved by many for the fantastic skiing experiences that they offer.

It’s never too early to start planning your next on-piste adventure!

How to Cure the Ski Blues in August

For ski addicts, August is yet another month of withdrawal symptoms. Your skis are hanging out in a closet somewhere, your boots are collecting dust, and if there is any snow left on any mountain in sight, it has turned into a depressing little crusty patch of ice. The ski lifts look lonely and awkward on an empty mountainside, and there is still a long time to wait until that first snowfall of winter.

summer ski lift 500
Don’t despair! Just because it’s summertime and there’s no white in sight, you can still put yourself into the skiing mindset. You can even get pretty close to the real thing. Here are a few suggestions to get you through the summertime ski blues.

1) Ski virtually.
Even if you can’t get out to the slopes for real, you can look for winter fun online. You can brush up on your ski smarts with our skiing tips and tricks. Then go to YouTube and watch some videos about your favorite kind of skiing. Have you been daydreaming about telemarking in the backcountry? Type that into the YouTube search box and see what happens. Look up techniques and watch the experts in their element. No matter what your downhill snow sport of choice may be, there is YouTube footage out there that will blow your mind. Maybe, if you overdose on enough YouTube footage before bed, you’ll even start dreaming about skiing.

2) Get organized and start planning.
The skiing off-season is a great time to tie up all the loose ends from last season and get yourself ready for next season. Do you have a million photos you took on the slopes last year? Make an album. Or, get out all your equipment and take inventory of what you need to put on your shopping list. Dream up a ski destination you’ve never visited before and check out prices online. It’s not too early to start building your Lebanon ski trip online.

lebanon waterskiing

3) Go waterskiing in Lebanon!
Sometimes it’s better to just face the facts. It’s summertime — enjoy it! Stop daydreaming about the white stuff and take in the deep blues of Lebanon in the summer. Blue sky, blue waves, and plenty of outdoor adventure sports to keep your mind off the slopes. In August, the closest thing to skiing is it’s warm weather relative on the water: waterskiing! Did you know that there are great waterskiing options in Lebanon? Take your ski blues onto the blue sea and sea what happens. If you’ve never tried it before, August is the month to do it. Read more about waterskiing in Lebanon today!

Weekend in Lebanon: 3 Refreshing Getaways!

Looking to get away from the heat and noise of Beirut?  Escape from the city for a weekend in the mountain countryside.  Get active, relax, take the kids to see something special, or do whatever it is you love to do that re-energizes you for the upcoming week. has put together three different itineraries for the ultimate weekend experience in Lebanon.

weekends in lebanon
1)    Get active! Weekend at Laqlouq Village Vacances

At 1750 meters of altitude, Laqlouq resort is a cool breath of fresh air in the summertime.  With a stunning terrain of ridge-surrounded plateau, Laqlouq is the destination for high adventure and adrenaline-filled outdoor fun.  Included in the weekend package price is:

  • Accommodation at either the Nirvana or the Shangri-La hotel (with pool access)
  • rock climbing (one hour of instruction) OR half a day of biking
  • one hour of archery

Don’t miss this great way to get outside and stretch your muscles a bit before the long week ahead. Read more about the weekend deal at Laqlouq Village Vacances

2)    Pure relaxation: Batroun Village Club

Rejuvenate mind and body with a luxurious stay at the Batroun Village Club.  Batroun is a lovely coastal city in northern Lebanon where visitors can enjoy lovely sunsets over the sea and the fresh air of a mountainous landscape at the same time.

The Batroun Village Club offers ideal relaxation.  A highlight is a tropical pool, which overhangs from a terrace rock face, looking out to a glimmering Mediterranean Sea.  It’s the perfect soak after a day of leisure activity at Batroun Village Club’s many facilities, such as tennis court, squash court, and even a stable for horse riding.

Read more about a weekend at Batroun Village Club

3)    Family Fun!  Take the kids to Jbeil

This adventure trip will keep the kids happy and intrigued all weekend long. The area of Jbeil is beautiful countryside far out of sight from the stress of the city. A weekend here starts with an excursion to do some hunting of live fossil fish.  The sight-seeing continues at the monastery of St. Maron for a picnic lunch.

After a night’s rest at The Oasis, the next day is on the road by bicycle along the leisurely trails of Laklouk.  The final stop on day two is the Balaa Pit, with its own secrets and surprises. Find out more about this excitement-filled tour! Family weekend in Jbeil.

Spring Break in Mzaar

It may come as a surprise to mention the famous Lebanese ski resort at this time of the year, because there’s no more snow or skiing right? I mean, what can one possibly do among snow-less mountains?

Mzaar Lebanon

Well friends, we can’t even begin to list the numerous Lebanon summer outdoor activities in which the Mzaar resort prides itself in! So buckle up and let’s get up close and personal as nature unveils itself under a new season!

*Hot Air Ballooning: Ever wondered how the Mzaar mountains look like from above? A breathtaking experience at $166/person!

*Mountain Safari: Hop on in a 4-wheel Jeep or an ATV and discover the wild side of the mountains. A fresh BBQ awaits you at the top, all at $95/person!

*Stargazing: Have you ever looked up the sky at night and see it sparkling like diamonds? A twist of romance is just what it takes to set you in the right mood. Oh and it’s free!

Since you’re spending the night, benefit from unbelievable discounted prices in the resort starting with the 5-star Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel at $165/night including buffet breakfast or the MzaarVille Chalets with unique views over the mountains at $136/night.