Paragliding is one of the most thrilling and adventurous way of flying, so why not give it a try at where you are given the opportunity to fly over Jounieh, Lebanon.

The take-off point is located 500m above sea level on the Harissa mountain where flyers will enjoy the view of the Mediterranean sea. The paraglider (an inflatable wing which inflates by the movement of air into its canopy) is laid flat on the top of the mountain facing the wind and the pilot will be connected to this paraglider with special straps. When the pilot is ready, he pulls the paraglider gently into the wind and after a little run and a leap, floats gently up into the air.

A professional Paragliding instructor will be your pilot to ensure you have a safe and unforgettable experience. Flights are possible everyday of the week from 14:00 PM up until 18:00 PM and the whole experience takes around 1 hour including preparation. The flight lasts for around 15 – 20 minutes with the landing point being directly on the coast below in Maameltain.

– The price includes the preparation, helmet, paraglide rent, and not a transfer to the site and insurance.
– Reservation should be made no less than 48 hours prior to flight.
– Weight requirement for this activity is below 90kgs
– Postponement of the flight can happen on the same day as this activity is dependent on the weather conditions. In this case, another session may be booked.

At Paragliding with, we have different paragliding choices for you:

20 minutes Paragliding flight over Jounieh with an instructor for $125 / person with a down payment of $29
Paragliding gift voucher for $125 / person (Full payment) and is valid for 3 months after booking.
20 minutes Paragliding flight over jounieh with Video footage of your flight for $160 / person with a down payment of $34 
20 minutes Paragliding flight over jounieh with Video footage of your flight for $160 / person with a down payment of $34


This breathtaking experience can be booked online at For more information, feel free to call us on 70-211503 or email us at [email protected]

Summer is Perfect for Lebanon Essentials

The Lebanon Essentials tour takes you to the best ruins, grottoes, views, and wine country in Lebanon!

Picture this: in just five days, you can see the must-sees of Lebanon in the summertime, stay in a fine 4-star hotel in Beirut, and still have time left over to sit back and soak it all in at your own pace.  Sounds like a summer daydream, right? With you can make it happen.  Check out the itinerary:

Day 1: Private airport transfer from the Beirut airport to your hotel.  You will be staying at the 4-star Parisian Hotel, or you can choose an equivalent Beirut hotel to use as your base.  Get settled in, enjoy an evening stroll and dinner in downtown Beirut, and wake up refreshed. Breakfast is included.

Day 2: A guide and private transportation will meet you at your hotel at 9am for a full day of guided site-seeing.  Prepare yourself for the mighty stalactites and stalagmites of the Jeita Grotto underground caves.  Then it’s up, up, up by cable car to the beautiful views of Our Lady of Harissa lookout point. The last stop is Byblos, an ancient heritage site with fantastic ruins of castles and temples.  You’ll be chauffeured back to the hotel around 5pm.

Our Lady of Harissa lookout point, Lebanon
Our Lady of Harissa lookout point

Day 3: This day is all yours.  Fill it with the activity that suits you best.  Options are plenty.  For the laid-back pleasure-seeker, there is a fine selection of spa treatments in Mzaar, a premier resort area.  Or for the active adventure-seeker, you can rent a boat or pursue other outdoor activities in Lebanon like water skiing, rafting, biking and hot air ballooning. Literally, the sky is the limit.

Day 4: Another fully day of privately guided and chauffeured site-seeing awaits.  Your ride will pick you up at the hotel at 9am.  First stop is the magnificent Roman ruins of Baalbek.  Afterwards, you’ll enjoy an afternoon of refinement at the Ksara winery in Lebanon’s own ancient wine country of Bekaa Valley, where wine-making is still very much alive today.  The day ends at 6pm, when you will be returned to the hotel.

Ksara winery in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
Ksara winery in Bekaa Valley wine country

Day 5: Just let us know your flight time, and a stress-free private airport transfer will shuttle you back to the Beirut airport for you to catch your plane.

We really can’t imagine a trip that captures the essence of Lebanon more fully and leisurely.  Book your Lebanon Essentials tour with us today!