Anatomy of the Community

It’s easy to see that is a fun crowd. Take a look at on Facebook with 5,268 fans and counting, for example. It’s an active community space where people from all over the world share a love for skiing and Lebanon.

If you take a look at on YouTube, you’ll find a fun community of extreme outdoors sports enthusiasts of all kinds. We’ve shared our footage of 4×4 quad riding in Lebanon, paragliding over Beirut, rafting the rivers of Lebanon, and of course some killer ski moments.

On the website itself, you can get in touch with the community by checking out the hot Lebanon events that we post, and by keeping up with all the latest news on this blog. facebook demographics

From our viewpoint on the admin side of the Facebook page, we can use the Facebook Insights data to find out even more about our vibrant community. Ever wonder how old we all are? Or what the guy to girl ratio is? Or where we’re all from?

Here’s an inside glance at a cross-section of the Facebook community demographics. It looks like most of us are between 25 and 34 years old, and that guys slightly outnumber girls. facebook demographics 2

We’re a very international bunch. According to the following Facebook data, we have members from a diverse lineup of countries, both in the Middle East, Europe and beyond. We also very multi-lingual, with English as the vehicular language but also a great mix of other tongues in there to keep it interesting. Conclusion: we’re a young, international, and very fun-loving online community. Just imagine what a real-life party would look like!

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