MzaarVille Chalets Has Dorm Beds for $40/night!

It’s official. The first snow of the 2011-2012 season has fallen in Lebanon, and winter has begun. In just a few short months, this will turn into a great snowpack covered with great new layers of fresh powder. Skiers, it’s time to start salivating.

If you’re like a lot of people in most of the world, this past year has been a little rough on the wallet. The global economic downturn has meant less spare change for a lot of people, and ski holidays may seem too big to fit into tighter budgets. But don’t despair! Lebanon offers a great bargain in ski travel. Compared to their European counterparts, Lebanon ski resorts and hotels give you much more bang for your buck.

For the budget ski traveller, MzaarVille Chalets has an option that will put a Lebanon ski vacation within reach. This ski season, you can stay at the MzaarVille Chalets in a shared dormitory for only $40/night!

Why stay in a dormitory? Depending on your travel style, the advantages are many. It’s more lively and social to stay in dormitory rooms, giving you a chance to meet fellow skiers. Plus, you still get to enjoy the warm ambiance and cozy common areas of MzaarVille Chalets.

You’ll be right in the heart of Faraya Village, with all its great restaurants, snack bars, and pubs right outside your doorway. And, of course, a great view of the Mzaar ski resort peaks and lifts just beckoning you to jump on and start riding.

Mzaarville Chalets
Bottom line: no need to miss out on a great ski season in Lebanon just because your budget is tighter. Don’t start selling your possessions on eBay just to get to the slopes this winter. In Lebanon, you’ll find great value for your money. You have a bed waiting for you for just $40/night! Now there’s really no excuse. Start planning a Lebanon ski trip today.

Up Close and Personal: Auberge Le Valais

In our constant strive to bringing you the best hotels in Lebanon’s ski resorts, such as Mzaar, the Cedars and Laqlouq, we give you the latest addition to the family: Auberge Le Valais.

Ski Lebanon Hotel

Located in Faraya as you take the Chabrouh road, the Auberge Le Valais is just minutes away from the Mzaar ski slopes. The interior is warm especially the lobby crafted with wood and stone. Needless to say that the rooms are comfortable and spacious and hosts major amenities such as satellite TV, toiletries, housekeeping, etc. Now, if you really want to pamper yourself, we suggest you check-in one of the suites, all equipped with a fireplace for stay-in gatherings and a balcony for those sunny days.

Swiss cuisine gourmets will be delighted in the rustic Le Valais Swiss restaurant, specializing in Swiss fondues, steaks and cheeses with a wide selection of local and international wine. And just to make things clear, we always visit the hotels in Mzaar or in the Cedars before adding them to our list of accommodation in order to genuinely report to you its features with the sole purpose of facilitating your booking experience.

That being said, Auberge Le Valais Faraya is worth checking out with rooms starting at $125/night including taxes and breakfast.

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Business Ski Trip

Corporate Ski Lebanon

We’ve been having a lot of requests to stop the whole “the fresh snow is calling while you’re stuck in the office” tease and we, here at, are a problem solver when it comes to skiing in Lebanon, in other words, we want everyone on them slopes and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you there buddy! (Ah, our mission in life)

And that’s how the “Business Ski Trip” concept emerged! The pic actually speaks for itself:

Ski Business Lebanon

We can only imagine the conversation:

-Businessman: Cancel all my appointments for the week, the team and i are going skiing!
-Assistant, intrigued: But sir, there are no ski resorts here!
-Businessman, with a reassuring tone: Ah my dear, i know. But beyond the shiny computer screen on my desk, somewhere not far away, lies snow capped mountains, aching for some serious skiing, and that’s where i am going.
-Assistant, worried: And how are you going to get there sir?
-Businessman, proud and confident: With of course. They handle everything from airport transportation, chalets and hotels booking in the ski resorts, ski passes, gear rental, lessons, meetings and conferences organization, everything, literally. Now, please book me a one-way ticket to Lebanon.
-Assistant, delighted: One way sir?
-Businessman, delighted: The “meeting” might be longer than expected.

Business Ski Lebanon

This could be you!

Leverage on our extensive expertise in organizing the most successful business ski trips in the region. We boast strong relationships with ski schools, equipment providers, bars, clubs, restaurants, chalets and hotels in Mzaar (ex Faraya – Mzaar), the Cedars and Laqlouq. Leave the hassle to us while you enjoy unlimited skiing adrenaline on the slopes.

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