From Sir-Dinniyeh to Bqaasifrin in North Lebanon and extending over 70,000 mis a new upcoming touristic project which will have a total cost of $36 million. This project is carried on between two touristic companies Téléférique Sir and the Municipality of Bqaasifrin. It will include a 5 star hotel, a chairlift line, and a ski center and by summer, the first stage of this new project should be completed.

Skileb.comThis Ski center will begin with a 16,000 m2 area at Sir-Dinniyeh and end with  a 53,000 m2 at the arrival area with a ski line extending over 1.1 million meters land. “The region draws tourists and expatriates during the summer. We are looking to attract them in the winter.” Said Mounir Kanj the Chairman of the Bqaasifrin Municipal Council and this is exactly what this Ski Center will do.

The first stage costing $11 million dollars to be completed by summer will include a 40-room luxury hotel, a telescope center, an artificial lake, a restaurant, and a cafeteria situated on an area which is 700 m high.

The second stage costing $14 million will include chalets, villas, chairlifts, restaurants, and a market however, the starting date of the second stage is not specified as it is linked to increasing the company’s capital next summer as stated by the Vice President of Téléférique Sir Mohammad Fatfat.

The final third stage costing $11 million will include a ski center on top of Mount Makmel which is between the ranges of 2,200 – 2,750 meters in altitude. This will be the highest ski center in Lebanon.