Windsurfing with Skileb

What’s better than beating the summer heat with a splash of fun? To facilitate this, has set us up with a windsurfing activity for this summer and is in favor of ages between 6 to 70 years old since this sport is a fun form of exercise that anyone of any age can enjoy.

This summer, the activity will take place in Bahsas which is situated in the Northern part of Lebanon and sessions are subject to be rescheduled depending on weather conditions. For only $50 per person, with coaching and equipment included, you can have your combination of sport and fun. Booking must be done a week in advance and cancellation 4 days in advance otherwise no refund will be made. Participants are required to bring a swimsuit, licra t-shirt and sun protection however if you do not own a Licra t-shirt, you can rent it for LPB5000. Also for LPB 15000, you can rent a helmet and a life jacket (the person renting the gear is responsible for any damage). Insurance, transportation and meals are fully the responsibility of the participant.

If you’re fearless when it comes to water, speed and swimming, then this is the right place for you!