Mzaar Summer Relaxation

It might not be ski season, but that doesn’t mean the mountains aren’t the best place for a relaxing and peaceful retreat. Come and spend your time off at the InterContinental Mzaar hotel spa resort. The spa has more than 1200 square meters of facilities waiting for you to take advantage of. Qualified and certified professionals are trained to ease every worry out of your mind and advise treatments specially made to match you and your needs. For booking and info.

Full body massage – 60min: This treatment gives maximum relaxation by loosening up of the body.
Affusion massage – 30min: Massaged by two people while having fine rain of warm water surrounding you.
Hydro massage – 20min: A progressive drainage produced by a series of jets directed onto areas of the body, relaxing muscles and joints.
Facial massage – 35min: Release facial tension and help blood circulation.
Body peeling – 25min: Natural peeling with massaging exfoliant creams to moisten the skin.
Detox wrap – 35min: The whole body is covered with a layer of algae which replenishes the body’s minerals and revitalizes the skin.

Don’t forget to contact us for any information and deals for overnight packages at the resort. If spa treatments aren’t what your looking for for the summer, feel free to contact us for suggestions and latest activities and specials. Call +961.70.103222 or +961.70.211503 or email [email protected]