Ski Trips To Lebanon For Schools

Round up your students and give us a call. We’ve got the perfect School Ski Package for you!

Since 1998, we have been organizing ski trips for schools abroad wishing to give their students a taste of Lebanon and its winter sports.

The Mzaar ski resort is the most well-known resort in the country. It stretches between 1730 and 2465 meters.  Check out the interactive map  of ski slopes to learn more. works with only the best and most qualified ski instructors able to offer students a well-rounded experience. Each child will be treated and instructed according to his or her personal skills and strengths. Lessons are provided for groups of up to 8 students. The levels are: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Professionals.

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SKILEB School Trips to Lebanon

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  1. There is typo error in your message. It should be “between 1730 and 2465 meters” and not 1,465 meters.


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