Your Spa Getaway

Have the summer heat and chaos run you down? Well, we’ve found the perfect place for you to relax and unwind among beautiful mountains, fresh air, and high class service. The Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel and Spa is the perfect place for that end-of-summer getaway you’ve been longing to set off to!

 Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel and Spa

You will be in the hands of professionally trained experts as they help you regain your serene state of mind with these offered services:

Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel and Spa

 Full Body Massage – a one hour treatment aimed at loosening body tension. (Rate: $80)
Affusion Massage – a 30 minute warm rain of water massage along with 2 to 4 sets of hands working on a body massage. (Rate: $44)
Hydro Massage – a 20 minute massage of water jets directed at certain tired muscles in the body. (Rate: $44)
Facial Massage – a 35 minute massage that will aid circulation in the face. (Rate: $39)
Body Peeling – a 25 minute exfoliating treatment for the body that will surely rejuvenate. (Rate: $44)
Detox Wrap – a 35 minute algae wrap which replenishes the body’s minerals and revitalizes to the max. (Rate: $44)

Doesn’t that sound tempting? Call us at +961.70.103222 to book your spa getaway!

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