10 Rules For The Slopes

This upcoming winter, as you’re getting amped up for the ski season, you should keep these 10 simple rules in mind!

  1. Respect Others – Do not endanger your fellow skiers!
  2. Speed Control – Monitor your speed as to not put yourself or others in danger!
  3. Choice of Direction – Always make sure your path ahead is clear of other skiers.
  4. Overtaking – Make sure there’s plenty of room when overtaking another skier!
  5. Entering & Crossing Slopes – Check to make sure there’s no one in your way!
  6. Stopping – Stop somewhere safe for you and for others!
  7. Walking Up or Downhill – Keep to the side of slope and out of others skiers’ way!
  8. Respect for Signaling –  Signs and signals are for safety purposes. Respect them!
  9. Assistance – Provide help to anyone who has fallen or injured themselves!
  10. Identification – You must identify yourself to the rescue team whether you are a part of an accident or even just a witness!

10 Rules for the Slopes | SKILEB.com |


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