5 Easy Steps To Prepare You For The Upcoming Ski Season

The ski season is just around the corner and most probably, just like us, you’re getting a little rusty after such a long time away from the slopes! We’ve put together a list of 5 extremely easy steps that you can take to ensure that you are ready to hit the slopes again come winter time.

Ski Season 2013 | SKILEB.com |

1- Start exercising
Skiing takes a lot of strength and so it’s all about building up your muscles in order to be able to maneuver up, down, and around the snowy slopes. From now until ski season commences, start your days with 1 minute of lunges, 5 minutes of Yoga-like stretches, 1 minute of balancing exercises, and 1 minute of jumping rope. That’s a total of only 8 minutes! Do you think you can add that into your morning routine?

Ski Season 2013 | SKILEB.com |

2- Watch your diet
Summer time usually entails eating out at fast food restaurants and grabbing quick snacks on-the-go, but if you’re willing to cut out those extra, useless calories and fat, you could be the best skier next winter! Along with your new and improved exercise routine, why not add on a healthy diet for perfection? “Diet” does not mean “go hungry”! A healthy diet simply means eating healthily. Skip the hamburgers and fries, and opt for a home cooked meal instead. Take along your food to work instead of ordering in to the office. Also, take along healthy snacks from home, like carrots or cucumbers. Such snacks are mess-free and can boost your energy on the spot!

Ski Season 2013 | SKILEB.com |

3- Start preparing your playlist
Some slopes are really high and take quite a while to get to their top. Every time you’re listening to a song that you know you’d enjoy while riding up or skiing down the slopes next winter, add it onto a special playlist. You can name it “Ski Season 2013” for instance and keep adding on tracks until your first ski trip comes around. You’ll be thankful for the well prepared and thought out playlist for the long wait in traffic too!

4- Decide to challenge yourself this year
You know your skiing capabilities and you know what your strong points and weak points on the slopes. Give yourself a challenge this year and become a better skier by going that extra mile, skiing down that extra high slope, and taking that tighter turn. It’s all in your mind, so be confident! What you don’t try, you will never know how to do!

5- Start looking into ski resorts and hotels
Tons of great ski resorts await you in Lebanon, but have you made your choice yet? It’s never too early to start checking out the resorts and even booking your stay to ensure you get your preferred room, services, and location. Click here for  a list of great ski locations, compared for you.

Ski Season 2013 | SKILEB.com |

That’s about all you need to do to get ready for the 2013 Ski Season! Are you up for it? Leave us your comments below and share your opinion with us!

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