5 Tips To Make Your Boating Experience Great

Are you thinking of booking a boat or yacht to cruise around Lebanon’s waters and enjoy the Mediterranean’s summer breeze? If you’re a first-timer, you’re probably distraught with worry over what might go wrong. Falling overboard into shark infested waters, getting sucked into a whirlwind, or getting lost forever at sea- the horror! Well, those are terrible extremes that you’ll probably never experience, but all the same, here are a few tips to make your boating experience enjoyable…

family boat cruising in Lebanon | Skileb.com

1- Be prepared for an emergency, even if it is unlikely to happen!
Make sure you and your fellow passengers know all of the safety instructions and precautions. Ask your captain or boat-owner for information on evacuation and exit plans. It is essential that  you are fully prepared in the unlikely case of an emergency.

Emergency Exit on boats in Lebanon | Skileb.com

2- Have life-jackets on hand at all times!
Make absolutely sure there are life-jackets on the boat you are renting. It is also advised to ensure that any kids on-board are always wearing their life-jackets. You wouldn’t want to be fishing one of your loved ones from the sea now, would you?

Life Jackets on boats in Lebanon | Skileb.com

3- Always take along medication and treatment for seasickness!
From experience, the worst thing to ruin a boating trip is seasickness! Sometimes, it’s an inevitable factor of setting sail, but there are a lot of medicines and treatments out there that can both prevent and cure that yucky feeling. Talk to your pharmacist before you set out on your water adventures and follow the dosage indicated, leaving the chances of seasickness at the shore as you cruise away for some uninterrupted fun.

Family on boats in Lebanon | Skileb.com

4- Check the weather forecast ahead of time!
Make sure to check the weather forecast before leaving your house. It would be extremely disappointing to realize, too late, that that day, of all days, is meant for rain or very high winds. In case of weather disruptions, try rescheduling for another day!

Stormy Seas in Lebanon | Skileb.com

5- Remember sunscreen! 
Last, but definitely not least, don’t forget your sun protection! Turning a bright red and feeling burnt and uncomfortable is not what you want to remember when looking back on your boating adventure. Invest in a high SPF sunscreen and apply it every few hours, as indicated on the product’s packaging.

Apply Sunscreen in Lebanon | Skileb.com

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