What’s New in Faraya and Mzaar Hotels

As if the climax of ski season weren’t enough, here are two more good reasons to plan your ski trip to Lebanon this month. We’re pleased to announce the opening (and re-opening) of two hot new hotels in Mzaar and Faraya. Come be the first to premier these highly fashionable new lodging options in alpine Lebanon.

Urban Faqra hotel deluxe room
Deluxe room at Urban Faqra

Urban Hotel Faqra

Want a taste of chic downtown style and Beirut-esque design, far away in the mountains near Mzaar Ski Resort? Yes, you can haven it both ways. Walking into brand-new Urban Hotel Faqra is like stepping into a metropolitan boutique hotel. It’s an unexpected and completely entrancing surprise in a small ski resort town.

The thoughtful décor at Urban Faqra is both cozy and contemporary at the same time. In the rooms, surfaces of soft whites and beiges complement accents like sharp black skylines, creative lighting, and colorful throw pillows. In the lobby, textured arched passageways in stark white are reminiscent of an arctic underground, warmed by a pop-art fireplace.

Urban Faqra lobby fireplace
Pop-art fireplace in the Urban Faqra lobby

The real highlight of Urban Faqra is the restaurant and bar, with fine dining options that you would expect from downtown Beirut but set in front of a magnificent mountain-scape view. The menu presents a sophisticated array of breakfast, lunch and dinner items, not to mention the drinks menu and tantalizing desserts. Opt for French-inspired Fondue, raclette, charcuterie and bliss out on the nuanced flavors, but don’t forget to enjoy the snowcapped alpine panorama at the same time. The perfect way to end a great ski day.

San Antonio Hotel, Faraya

For a more classic ski lodge feel, check out the renovations at newly-reopened San Antonio Hotel, ideally located just between the Mzaar ski lifts and Faqra Club resort. It’s everything a rustic ski lodge should be, from the cozy lobby fireplace to the deep wood paneling and dark leather upholstery.

San Antonio Hotel in a snow storm
San Antonio Hotel in a snow storm

Now, the updates and enhancements will ensure total comfort. Here, you’ll also find an in-house dining option at the San Antonio restaurant. Come see what’s new!

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