Mountain X Ski and Snowboard Contest to Rock Lebanon

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in this awesome event. It was a huge success! Check out the videos, now up on YouTube:

Are you an extreme skier or rider who wants to gain celebrity status on YouTube? Sports Evasion is hosting the ultimate event that fuses freeriding and social media to launch you into internet stardom.

mountain x flyer

How does it work? Enter the contest, and if you’re selected as one of the 24 rider contestants, you will get one chance to freeride (either by snowboard or by ski) down Mountain X, where you will be evaluated by both a panel of judges as well as the general public on Facebook and Youtube.

Mountain X, Lebanon
Freeride this!

All the runs will be turned into awesome footage by cameras that will be filming from four different angles. Video clips will then be posted onto Sports Evasion’s Facebook page as well as the Facebook pages and YouTube channels of sponsors such as Watch the number of YouTube views reach the thousands.

For more information visit the Mountain X Facebook event
For registration, contact [email protected]

Mountain X contestants from years past
Mountain X contestants from years past

Terms and Conditions:

When you register, remember to mention if you’re a skier or a snowboarder and mention your date of birth

1) All riders must be over 18 and will be requested to sign a disclaimer
2) All riders must register before the contest and provide their mobile number, their email address and a photo of their choice showing their face
3) All riders will be notified about the date of the event by email and sms. (it will be on a week end following a snow fall)
4) Riders will be noted on (Time, fluidity and risk taken)
5) There will be 2 awards:
– Jury’s choice on the spot on the day of the event
– The viewers choice on the social network
6) No registration will be taken on the day of the event, ALL riders must be registered BEFORE the event
7) The organizers have the right to refuse a candidate if they judge he doesn’t have the level to participate
8.) A total of 24 riders (ski & Snowboard) will be taken maximum

Even if you’re not one of the skiing or riding rock stars competing in the contest, don’t miss out on the action! Book a ski trip in Lebanon between Jan 28 and Feb 4 to catch the fun and excitement. Stay tuned to find out the exact date.


Riders are registering fast and it’s looking great. Snow is here and we should have the event between Jan 28 and Feb 4.

This just in: the podium ceremony will take place at La Cabane. Stoli will install a snow bar and serve drinks with a background of great music.

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