Let it snow … man.

Are the lifts open yet? When are the lifts going to open? These are the questions on everyone’s mind at skileb.com, and the answer is: yes and no. The lifts at The Cedars ski resort were the first to open, but it’s still early in the season, and there’s still a lot of grooming and preparing to do. The folks over at Mzaar ski resort are holding out until conditions are just right, so the lifts over there haven’t opened yet. But that hasn’t seemed to stop some audacious riders from walking to the top with their boards to make the first tracks on the mountain.

As always, the biggest variable is snowfall. It’s about time to start wishing, praying, chanting, snow dancing, or whatever it takes to bring about that final snowfall needed to get the slopes up and running. So, this week, we’ve found some snow-provoking humor as a tribute to the gods of snow up there who decide when we can start skiing again.

Let it snow … man.

Uh oh. Courtesy of flickr/onefish2
Oh deer. Courtesy of acidcow.com
snow woman
Oh la la! Courtesy of flickr/Dr. Max
homeless ski bum
Homeless ski bum. Courtesy of acidcow.com

If you’ve been following skileb.com on Facebook, you know we like to sprinkle things with a little snow humor sometimes. Silly snow cartoons and photos make it onto the wall, right up there with awesome photos of snowy Lebanon, insider information, and hot deals. So if you’re not following us in Facebook, get on it! Join the fun.

And seriously, let it snow. We want the green light on all of Lebanon’s ski lifts!
Want to know what’s open when? Follow skileb.com on Twitter to join the conversation, or just check our website for the most recent updates from the ski lifts themselves.

Find out what lifts are open at Mzaar ski resort
Find out what lifts are open at Cedars ski resort

Ski smart. Ski Lebanon.


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