Ski x 3 for Smart Skiers

Snow, snow, SNOW! Lebanon winter has begun, and the white stuff is falling. Ski season is coming, close enough we can almost taste it. To get ready, we figured out how to share Lebanon weather and ski conditions with you in three different ways.

Now, we’ve also figured out how to bring you the ultimate Lebanon ski experience in three days and three nights. Get the most out of your ski dollars with this new package we’ve put together, the Smart Skier Package, premiering this winter and available exclusively to the community of

Mzaar Jonction slope
Mzaar: Jonction slope

With the Smart Skier deal, we’ve taking all the planning, hassle and worry out of your trip to Lebanon so that all you have to do is show up, ski your heart out by day, and enjoy the cozy comforts and high spirits of Mzaar by night.

Day 1
When you arrive at the airport, we’ll have transportation waiting there for you. It will take you directly to the MzaarVille Chalets, adjacent to Mzaar ski resort, about an hour’s drive from Beirut.  You’ll have time to settle into your chalet and relax by the fireplace in one of Mzaar’s all-time favorite chalet accommodations.

Day 2
Wake up to a lovely view of the snow-covered slopes that are just calling your name outside. Enjoy breakfast at Mange Tout Terrace restaurant, which is built in to the MzaarVille complex. From there, claim your rental gear at the sports shop, redeem your ski pass, and you’ll be ready for the first run of the day. Rinse and a repeat. You’ll have a total of solid three days of ski fun in Lebanon.

Day 3
Pretty much like like day two. Wake up, get ready, enjoy a great day on the slopes, and pass the evening dining and relaxing around MzaarVille Chalets.

Day 4
See days 1 and 2. Enjoy the third day of your lift ticket. Then, when the ski day is over, we’ll transfer you back to the airport in time for you to catch your flight from Beirut.

There’s really no better way to pack more into a four-day ski getaway in Lebanon. Another plus is that we’ll adjust the itinerary to fit your flight schedule to ensure that you get as much skiing in as possible. So if you arrive early on day 1 and leave early on day 4, then you can start skiing straight away. The price includes airport transfers, three nights’ stay at MzaarVille Chalets, ski or snowboard rentals and a three-day lift ticket. Now that’s one smart deal. Times three.

Go for it! Book our Smart Skier Package today.

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