Top 3 Reasons to Insure your Lebanon Adventure

Nobody likes to buy travel insurance. For all too many people, it’s one of those extra expenses that will probably be unnecessary in the end. Making the purchase is about as pleasant as imagining yourself in the various emergency scenarios where travel insurance might come in handy.

It would be way more fun to avoid the cost of travel insurance and spend the money elsewhere — a nicer Lebanon hotel, some new ski equipment, or maybe an extra nice meal out during your trip — but before you cut corners on travel insurance costs, take a few minutes to watch the following YouTube videos. It’s kinda funny to watch these epic fail moments when it’s somebody else, but remember that epic fails can happen to anyone, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The top 3 reasons to insure your Lebanon trip are all YouTube videos. Sometimes, the voice of reason isn’t loud enough, and it takes some very vivid images to remind us of our own limits.

Reason #1: ‪Top 30 Amazing Ski Wipe Outs – 10 to 1‬


Reason #2: Epic Fail – Snowboard Crash


Reason #3: Waterski Crashes


The moral of the story is: nobody is invincible, accidents do happen, and accidents in a foreign country can be even costlier than accidents at home. Don’t make us show you these videos in slow motion. Be prepared and give yourself some peace of mind while skiing in Lebanon. When you’re booking the rest of your ski holiday, be sure to buy travel insurance with us.

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