How to Cure the Ski Blues in August

For ski addicts, August is yet another month of withdrawal symptoms. Your skis are hanging out in a closet somewhere, your boots are collecting dust, and if there is any snow left on any mountain in sight, it has turned into a depressing little crusty patch of ice. The ski lifts look lonely and awkward on an empty mountainside, and there is still a long time to wait until that first snowfall of winter.

summer ski lift 500
Don’t despair! Just because it’s summertime and there’s no white in sight, you can still put yourself into the skiing mindset. You can even get pretty close to the real thing. Here are a few suggestions to get you through the summertime ski blues.

1) Ski virtually.
Even if you can’t get out to the slopes for real, you can look for winter fun online. You can brush up on your ski smarts with our skiing tips and tricks. Then go to YouTube and watch some videos about your favorite kind of skiing. Have you been daydreaming about telemarking in the backcountry? Type that into the YouTube search box and see what happens. Look up techniques and watch the experts in their element. No matter what your downhill snow sport of choice may be, there is YouTube footage out there that will blow your mind. Maybe, if you overdose on enough YouTube footage before bed, you’ll even start dreaming about skiing.

2) Get organized and start planning.
The skiing off-season is a great time to tie up all the loose ends from last season and get yourself ready for next season. Do you have a million photos you took on the slopes last year? Make an album. Or, get out all your equipment and take inventory of what you need to put on your shopping list. Dream up a ski destination you’ve never visited before and check out prices online. It’s not too early to start building your Lebanon ski trip online.

lebanon waterskiing

3) Go waterskiing in Lebanon!
Sometimes it’s better to just face the facts. It’s summertime — enjoy it! Stop daydreaming about the white stuff and take in the deep blues of Lebanon in the summer. Blue sky, blue waves, and plenty of outdoor adventure sports to keep your mind off the slopes. In August, the closest thing to skiing is it’s warm weather relative on the water: waterskiing! Did you know that there are great waterskiing options in Lebanon? Take your ski blues onto the blue sea and sea what happens. If you’ve never tried it before, August is the month to do it. Read more about waterskiing in Lebanon today!

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