Rebirth: Contemporary Lebanese Art

While skiing in Lebanon is undoubtedly an art in itself, the off season is the perfect opportunity to take in some art of a more conventional sense. A brand new exhibition of contemporary Lebanese art at the Beirut Exhibition Centre, promises to provide a scintillating insight into some of the country’s most exciting artistic talent.

Beirut Exhibition Center - Home to Rebirth:Lebanon XXIst Century Contemporary Art

‘Rebirth: Lebanon XXIst Century Contemporary Art’ – which opens today June 16th – is curated by Janine Maamari and provides a platform for 49 Lebanese artists, of diverse ages and backgrounds, to display their works.

The exhibits, many of which are receiving their first public appearance as part of this collection, make use of a wide variety of media – including painting, sculpture and photography – but all contemplate the theme of rebirth.

Artists that have contributed to the exhibition include Talar Aghbashian, Randa Ali Ahmad and Christina Alid. While many of those included live and work overseas, Lebanon is the common thread that unites them all. Scenes of everyday Lebanese life – particularly childhood – can be found throughout the exhibition.

The show runs until July 24th.

Lebanon has a particularly vibrant art scene – a result of its rich history of diversity and influences from a multitude of cultures. While many contemporary artists exhibit pronounced western themes in their art, the touch of ancient civilisations can also be detected.

If you’re also interested in history, there are plenty of destinations waiting to be discovered during a break from the slopes. Lebanon’s Five UNESCO World Heritage sites are a good starting point for budding historians, but simply walking the streets of Beirut, Tyre or Tripoli can be history lessons for the less adventurous.


Map to Beirut Exhibition Centre
A Map to the Beirut Exhibition Centre

Beirut Exhibition Centre is centrally located in the very heart of the city, close to a number of Beirut Hotels and the charming waterfront district. It can be found just off Mir Majid Arslan Avenue, which leads to the nearby Marina and is open every day between 11am and 8pm. Parking nearby is plentiful, but organising transport in advance is probably the easiest option for most travellers.

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