Flash Mob Rocks Beirut Airport

For the lucky bystanders who were passing through the Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport on March 5, 2011, a fun-filled flash mob erupted before their very eyes.

A flash mob is a public display of dance or performance, usually containing the elements of spontaneity, authenticity, and fun.  The goal is first to dazzle and delight the onlooking crowd in a public place, and then to claim Internet fame through viral video production.  In the Beirut Airport case, the flash mob was produced by Zoé Production Beirut and financed by Beirut Duty Free as part of their ‘Take Back More’ advertising campaign.

The Beirut Airport flash mob was fantastically coordinated and executed.  It contained a fusion of dabke (traditional Arab dance) and contemporary hip-hop style. Not only did the travelers headed to their Beirut hotels enjoy professional-quality entertainment on the spot, they also received a glimpse of traditional Lebanese music and culture. Our favorite bit is at 2:08 when the drummer twirls in with am authentic Middle Eastern bass drum.

Following the established flash mob formula, the performance ended with the dancers dispersing back into the anonymity of the crowd and walking away as if nothing had happened. This adds an extra layer of enchantment and mystification for the audience.  Poof! The magic spell of entertainment was broken, ending as spontaneously as it began. Well done, Zoé Production Beirut and Beirut Duty Free!

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