Boat Cruising Hits Lebanon

All right Lebanon, the sun is shining and the sea winds are calling! Get your sun bathing suits on, your sunscreens, sunglasses, sun friends and let’s hit the sun beach! Oh but wait, when we say beach, we don’t mean lying the towels on the sand as frisbee orbit around you, or getting lulled to the symphonic ultrasonic sounds of hurling babies – this is definitely not how your fun and relaxing beach experience should be.

Sailing Lebanon

Ah the good life! Our readers and fans know by now that we at are advocates of whatever skyrockets your endorphin and we believe that a nice cruise in the sea might be just the needed triggering factor!

In the comfort of your boat you and your friends will be able to party, sun bathe, cheer, swim, fish or simply relax and enjoy the warm Summer breeze. You may also stop at famous Lebanon beaches for a nice lunch or dinner.

Boats come in different sizes and engine power depending on the group number for a price of $62/person considering a group of 8. Make sure to check Boat Cruise Lebanon for more information.

*Endorphin: happiness hormone.

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