Spring Break in Mzaar

It may come as a surprise to mention the famous Lebanese ski resort at this time of the year, because there’s no more snow or skiing right? I mean, what can one possibly do among snow-less mountains?

Mzaar Lebanon

Well friends, we can’t even begin to list the numerous Lebanon summer outdoor activities in which the Mzaar resort prides itself in! So buckle up and let’s get up close and personal as nature unveils itself under a new season!

*Hot Air Ballooning: Ever wondered how the Mzaar mountains look like from above? A breathtaking experience at $166/person!

*Mountain Safari: Hop on in a 4-wheel Jeep or an ATV and discover the wild side of the mountains. A fresh BBQ awaits you at the top, all at $95/person!

*Stargazing: Have you ever looked up the sky at night and see it sparkling like diamonds? A twist of romance is just what it takes to set you in the right mood. Oh and it’s free!

Since you’re spending the night, benefit from unbelievable discounted prices in the resort starting with the 5-star Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel at $165/night including buffet breakfast or the MzaarVille Chalets with unique views over the mountains at $136/night.

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