Snow Party and Night Skiing

Ski Lebanon CedarsImagine infinite landscape of snow and majestic mountains. Now imagine a these mountains all lit up for night skiing. No that’s not in Zermatt or the Alpes, it’s at your reach, a mere 3 hour drive from Beirut city and tara: welcome to the Cedars!

Needless to say that skiing in Lebanon has just a particular taste when it comes to the Cedars. The ski resort is huge and offers wide off-the-beaten-track routes for the adventurer in you.Plus you’ll be surfing one of the highest mountains in the Middle East, we know it’s something to brag about when it comes to skiing.

While you’re at it make sure to visit the Cedars reserve, the Qannoubine Valley or even the beautiful village of Ehden.

Which brings us to a very important aspect of your trip: night skiing and get some tourism in Lebanon North done means you’ll have to spend the night somewhere. Usually we would totally advise a tent and a sleeping bag as to admire the beautiful Northern stars however, being it March, it’s very likely for you to turn into an ice cube. Therefore, how about checking these chalets and hotels in the Cedars?

*Hotel Cedrus starting $141/night including breakfast.
*Cedars Chalets self-catering starting $227/night.
*Hotel St Bernard Cedars starting $73/night including breakfast.

So who’s ready for a road-trip of a lifetime? We know we are!

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