Skiers behold…the SUN!

It has been snowing for over a week now. Yes, a week of fresh dumping and the moment we have all been waiting for is finally upon us!

Mzaar Ski Lebanon

According to our Mzaar weather guru, which is our only reliable weather forecast for skiing in Lebanon, tomorrow and the week following will be, take a deep breath, SUNNY! Nothing but sweet sunshine as you surf the fresh new powder. Reminds us of that song, what was it like? ♫ Skiing under the sunshine, everybody’s skiing under the sunshiiiine ♫

So as of tomorrow, we’re expecting you to head towards the Mzaar ski resort armed with your skis, poles, boards, luge or whatever kids are using these days and show these slopes who’s their daddy!

On a final note, make sure not to miss the Diamony Fashion Show Mzaar on the snow, the IT event of the season; 2 words for you: bikini models! Few rooms are left so make sure to nab yours before your neighbor does at the  MzaarVille Chalets starting $215/night including taxes or the Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel at $346/night including taxes and breakfast.

And finally a quick teaser, just in case you were having second thoughts:

Lebanon Ski Vacation

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