To Ski or to Sunbathe?

We have been checking the guy up there, by up there we mean the Mzaar ski resort in Lebanon and by guy we mean the Mzaar weather forecast for skiing in Lebanon and looks like a pack of fresh snow intends to visit the mountains this weekend.

Which can only mean one thing:

Lebanon Ski Mzaar

Oops, we mean:

Snowboard Lebanon Ski
Not what we had in mind, but that’s actually not a bad idea! The Mzaar resort may be the best resort for skiing, but it also welcomes those who want to go enjoy the snow, the sun, good company and some drinks.

While you’re at it, why not enjoy a ride to the Mzaar’s top peaks on snowmobile and gaze at the Mediterranean on the horizon?

As you probably know by now, the resort is packed on weekends and hosts ultimate nightlife events and that is why chalets and hotels in Mzaar are overbooked. Few rooms remain at the MzaarVille Chalets starting $215 including taxes, the Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel starting $269/night including taxes and breakfast, the Auberge Suisse starting $126/night including taxes and breakfast.

What do you think are the best apres-ski activities in the Mzaar ski resort?

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