3 Reasons to Stay at the Intercontinental Hotel Mzaar on March 5th

Mzaar Ski Lebanon“Ah, Saturday mornings. The sun is shining over the fresh pack of snow as my skis swush the powder down the slopes. I ski-in to the hotel’s terrace, get a nice front row seat, pour my coffee and get ready for the show.”

This is what any skileb.com reader will be doing on March 5th at the Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel in the Mzaar ski resort in Lebanon. Why you ask? Let us rewind.

The Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel is the only 5-star hotel in the resort, with high-end amenities, outstanding service and premium location. But that’s not why the hotel is under the spotlight on March 5th.

Ladies and gents, hold your breath because you are in for a hell of a treat! As usual, skileb.com’s treats come in series and so here’s what awaits you on Saturday March 5th, 2011:

1) Diamony Lingerie Show at the Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel’s Refuge terrace.

2) Front row seats are available to the hotel’s guests and lucky for you, the only rooms at the hotel are available for skileb’s fans but they are selling fast: Book Now

3) Since the show starts at 11:00, you can enjoy skiing in Lebanon through the refuge slope in the morning with skileb’s unique offer of free ski rental with your booking.

There you go, the most anticipated sexy show of the season kicks off on March 5th. Unless you want to be doing this:

Mzaar Intercontinental HotelHey, up to you.

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