Ski in Lebanon Preparation Ritual

11:00 pm. No sign of skiers and boarders near the pistes. They are either enjoying a night out in of the best pubs in Mzaar such as Frost pub and restaurant or tucking themselves to sleep in preparation for the next day of non stop skiing in Lebanon.

Ski Lebanon HotelDay, night – we even ski when we’re asleep!

So each their own ritual when it comes to preparing for a long skiing day. But how about the snow? Have you wondered how do the pistes in Mzaar-Kfardebian ski resort prepare themselves to welcome the daily flux of hungry skiers and boarders? Well, the’s webcam at the MzaarVille Chalets facing the slopes has pretty much the answer for it!

Mzaar Ski Lebanon WebcamAs you are peacefully dreaming of an adrenaline-packed day of skiing, the snow is peacefully dreaming of how to make that day the best skiing experience of your life! So make sure to join us this weekend at the Mzaar ski resort for the night skiing, freestyle riding and open alcohol bar at the Big Air Festival and Fire Dragon Show.

Only places available for the weekend at the San Antonio Hotel Mzaar, offering the double room at $150/night including taxes and breakfast.

Oh and while you’re at it, give us a big cheers,smile for our camera and tag yourselves in the pics on the skilebanon facebook fan page. Also tell your friends that liking us has side effects: ski, skis and a whole lot more of skiing deals 😉

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