Big Air is Back With a Fire Dragon Show

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all at the Mzaar ski resort in Lebanon, the Big Air festival strikes back with a boom! Mark your calendars, this upcoming Saturday, the Big Air festival will keep you pumping, jumping and cheering as skiers and boarders compete on the Lebanese slopes.

And that’s not all! For the first time this season, the Refuge lift will be open at night for free night skiing!

Free Skiing Lebanon

What else could one ask for right? End of month free skiing , wooohoooo! Oh, we almost forgot to mention that there’s a fire dragon show taking place on the slopes as well. Take a look at what the Big Air Fire Dragon Show 2009 looked like!

Fire Dragon Faraya


Then make sure you’re part of this year’s edition which promises to be even bigger! Here are the few remaining options of chalets and hotels in Mzaar for next weekend:

*MzaarVille Chalets: starting $215/night including taxes.
*San Antonio Hotel Mzaar
: starting $150/night including taxes and breakfast.
*Stone Chalets Mzaar
: starting $320/night including taxes.

So gear up, bring your friends, kids and families and let’s meet up on the slopes for an unforgettable night of skiing and fire shows!

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