Mzaar Winter Festival Countdown

This weekend, you are requested to stop on-hand tasks, evacuate the city and head to Mzaar ski resort in Lebanon. This is not a training. We repeat. This is not a training.

Mzaar Winter Festival Lebanon

This year’s Winter Festival edition looks promising: international skiers and boarders from all over the world coming to compete with our own local pride of Lebanese skiers, shows, parties till dawn, you name it! It’s on and it’s happening in the Mzaar ski resort this weekend! Sure it’s Valentine and you had probably made plans with the missus but what could be more romantic than a weekend off in the mountains as you cuddle by the fireplace and gaze at the snow falling outside your window?

Mzaar Lebanon Chalet

Take it from the experts and sweep her off her feat this Valentine in Mzaar. Only few options are available still; studio chalet at the MzaarVille Panoramic Chalets at $215/night including taxes and rooms at the San Antonio Hotel Mzaar starting $150/night including taxes and breakfast. There’s love and action in the air, what more could you ask for?

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