The A, B, C of Skiing!

As you probably know now, there are some rules we skiers go by. For instance, should you need someone to put on a sensational, all inclusive, ski trip to Lebanon with the best deals ever, who do you turn to?

Skileb Skiing Lebanon

All hail cheering: SKILEB.COM

Now, besides constantly striving to bringing you the best packages online for skiing in Lebanon, we like to share with you some tips we go by here at the office when we go skiing – and we do that a lot!

A for Apres-Ski: The majority of slopes in the ski resorts in Lebanon close at 3:oo pm, which means you’ve got around 18 hours before they re-open. Some are fans of hibernation and would spend these hours sleeping, but our wild guess is you’re here to ski and have some fun! In this respect, there are numerous activities to entertain you while you’re off the slopes such as bar hopping, ATV rides, dining, going to the movies, and of course partying like you just don’t care! And if you happen to be around during February, make sure to catch the Mzaar Winter Festival 2011; we have been to earlier editions and this event is off the hook!

B for Breakfast: The way we see it, you can ride the slopes for a couple of times and give up like a sissy OR show these slopes who their real daddy is. And daddy likes a big yummy breakfast rich in carbohydrates, proteins and quality fats. Unless you want to feast yourself at the Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel‘s breakfast buffet, we suggest the Frost restaurant at the MzaarVille Chalets which serves freshly baked Manakish with hot drinks and fresh juices, steps away from the slopes.

C for Company: You may be the best skier in the world, but if you don’t have someone with you to brag about it, it just doesn’t do it for you, right? We think so too. The best part about skiing is sharing and bonding with fellow skiers and boarders, doing crazy jumps in groups, race and where better to find like-minded cool people than on the biggest social network ski group: Skilebanon!

Ski Lebanon Mzaar

That being said, this remains our A,B,C and naturally everyone their own. So tell us, what is your A, B, C of skiing?

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