The Skier, the Boarder and the Lazy

Hey, before being judgmental, we asked the Lazy. We were like: “Dude, what’s the deal here? Lazy ain’t going to get you anywhere: no fun, no excitement, no tan, nada! So, how about you put these awesome, shiny skis on and surf the beautiful, majestic mountains?” To which the Lazy took a decent 10-second of inner reflection and answered: “Nah”.

Mzaar Ski Lebanon

“Even if i wanted the ski-fun-excitement-tan package, where can i find it all done and wrapped for me?” Here’s where you can find it:! Absolutely custom made “Ski Lebanon” packages tailored to satisfy your need! From the best chalets and hotels in Mzaar, warm cozy lodges in the Cedars and Laqlouq to booking equipments, ski passes and transportation… Basically, all you got to do is euh, ski!

The weekend is here, no excuses for couch potatoes! Plus, with all this global warming talk, snow might soon be extinct and the closest you’ll get to it will be an old pic of your mates skiing exposed at the National Museum. Shame for you not to be on that pic đŸ˜‰

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