Business Ski Trip

We’ve been having a lot of requests to stop the whole “the fresh snow is calling while you’re stuck in the office” tease and we, here at, are a problem solver when it comes to skiing in Lebanon, in other words, we want everyone on them slopes and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you there buddy! (Ah, our mission in life)

And that’s how the “Business Ski Trip” concept emerged! The pic actually speaks for itself:

Ski Business Lebanon

We can only imagine the conversation:

-Businessman: Cancel all my appointments for the week, the team and i are going skiing!
-Assistant, intrigued: But sir, there are no ski resorts here!
-Businessman, with a reassuring tone: Ah my dear, i know. But beyond the shiny computer screen on my desk, somewhere not far away, lies snow capped mountains, aching for some serious skiing, and that’s where i am going.
-Assistant, worried: And how are you going to get there sir?
-Businessman, proud and confident: With of course. They handle everything from airport transportation, chalets and hotels booking in the ski resorts, ski passes, gear rental, lessons, meetings and conferences organization, everything, literally. Now, please book me a one-way ticket to Lebanon.
-Assistant, delighted: One way sir?
-Businessman, delighted: The “meeting” might be longer than expected.

Business Ski Lebanon

This could be you!

Leverage on our extensive expertise in organizing the most successful business ski trips in the region. We boast strong relationships with ski schools, equipment providers, bars, clubs, restaurants, chalets and hotels in Mzaar (ex Faraya – Mzaar), the Cedars and Laqlouq. Leave the hassle to us while you enjoy unlimited skiing adrenaline on the slopes.

For more information regarding corporate ski trips, kindly email [email protected]

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