Mount Lebanon’s World Class Ski Resorts

Jan 11, 2011 – Mountain Resorts News and Updates

Mount Lebanon region is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. High, snow-capped mountains from north to south through the center of the country, offers the region a rugged, rocky cliffs, which are ideal for a wide range of sports and adventure.

On the western side of the spine and legs in the sunny Mediterranean coast. In the east. A broad valley of Bekaa farmers height of Mount Lebanon, the perfect conditions for skiing, hiking, mountaineering, winter sports and other adventures.

Mount Lebanon

Growing up in high altitudes, to the famous old cedar of Lebanon in this region, their cups of green to the panorama of mountains, white snow.

At the southern end of Mount Lebanon, Chouf region is the largest country in the park, Al Shouf Cedar Reserve, a mountainous and wooded, with many trees, birds, mammals, endangered species and unique flora. The reserve is a popular destination for hikers, bikers and bird watchers.

Mount Lebanon Few places in the historical and cultural heritage, a unique combination of natural and historical attractions.Visit to view the picturesque mountains of Chouf a taste of traditional rural life in the region.The rooms and bathrooms Tour Beiteddine Palace to get a taste of life in the 19th get century, the emirs. To go further in history, visit the ruins of Jubayl, on the coast, where it remains of settlements from the Stone Age.

What to do in Mount Lebanon on the slopes of world-class Monte Lebanon.Go around the ancient cedar forests of the Al Shouf Cedar Reserve and admire the view from the top of the steep mountain reserves. Beautiful old Ottoman houses, the beaches and the largest museum of Byzantine and Roman mosaics. Explore layers of ruins of ancient civilizations in the coastal city of Jbeil in Lebanon, one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and the birthplace of the Latin alphabet. Along the streets of the old stone houses with red roofs in a traditional village in Chouf, Deir El Qamar and traditional dishes in a small local restaurant or coffee. Bike or walk along the path, which includes the summits of Mount Lebanon.

A visit to the mountain villages of cool season and throughout the region a popular destination for summer holidays and weekends on site.

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