Lebanon Snow Reports

Jan 7, 2011 – The Daily Star – Lebanon News
Better weather expected after weekend of heavy showers and snow!

BEIRUT: Yet another bout of intense weather hit Lebanon over the weekend, bringing with it heavy showers and snowfall to higher regions but largely halting in time to allow people to enjoy a fun-filled excursions in the fresh snow. Despite skies beginning to clear in the large part of the country Sunday, a further 10 centimeters of snow fell on north eastern locations above 1,450 meters, including Ehden, Bshari, Hasroun, Hadath al-Jibi and Tanourine, the National News Agency (N.N.A.) reported. In Lakqouq, 1,450 meters above sea level, snow reached 30 centimeters while other towns including Akoura, Qartaba, Afka, Lassa, Anaya, Ehmej were covered with 5 centimeters of snow. Other mountainous areas have also seen over 500 centimeters of snow fall in the last few days […]

As you can see folks, this season looks promising! If you were wondering where to spend your winter vacation, then it goes without saying that skiing in Lebanon should be on the top of your list. As a matter of fact, it should be the only destination on your list!

How can anyone resist that?

 Not to mention the numerous choices of chalets and hotels in Mzaar (ex Faraya – Mzaar) , the Cedars and Laklouk such as the MzaarVille Chalets, the Intercontinental Hotel Mzaar, Le Cedrus Hotel, the Shangri-La Hotel Lebanon to name a few.

That being said, who’s the clown that been babbling about global warming?

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