New Year Resolutions

New Year is all about a lot of food, the worst hang overs and of course new resolutions. For most of us, these resolutions keep piling up year after year, and just for tradition’s sakes, we keep a list hoping we’d stick up to… And we never do!

So, here at have found a trick to make you actually go by the list. We figured, all we had to do is add a little, tiny, itsy, bitsy word to your average resolution and make it look like this:

– Quit smoking, for more endurance when skiing

– Exercise more, to fully enjoy skiing

– Spend more time with family and friends, by going on ski trips

– Quit drinking, unless you want to ski to the peak in your underwear

– Travel more, to Lebanon for unparalleled skiing experiences

– Get out of debt, by booking unbeatable ski packages in Lebanon on

Ski Mzaar Faraya

As you can see, no matter what your new year resolutions are, just tuck in the word ski and suddenly you would want to make these changes! One for ski and ski for all!

And if you’re a beginner, just think if that very fit sumo guy can pull it off, so can you! Now how about we start checking these resolutions ey?

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