We are one day away from the 2010 farewell celebrations and how about ending this year with a memorable bang?

New Year 2011 Mzaar

The resorts are packed, with outstanding entertainers and performers, not to mention the famous fireworks at the strike of midnight. We could rabble all day about the awesomeness of New Year in Mzaar or the Cedars but the fact is, you will never know unless you witness it yourself.

And here’s your chance! There are a couple of hotels in Mzaar showing availability starting tonight such as the San Antonio Hotel with rooms at $150/night and the Auberge Suisse offering the rooms at $138/night including taxes and breakfast.

As for the Cedars, you might want to check the 4-star Cedrus Hotel at $400/night including taxes and breakfast.

Now if you’ll excuse us folks, champagne is popping in the office and glasses are raised to all our readers, guests, fans, skiers and snowboarders: may you have a wonderful 2011!

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