So the New Year’s eve is in 3 days, big deal! Yeah we thought so too, until we saw all these chalets and hotels in Mzaar, the Cedars and Laklouk raise the white flag! No more, niet, nada! And suddenly, panic took over!

New Year Lebanon

But no need to be afraid because we, at skileb.com, have came to the rescue and still have a couple of rabbits in our magic hats that scream comfy, cozy and most importantly right in the heart of the N to the Y action!

Rabbit A, a.k.a, MzaarVille Chalets with panoramic views over the slopes starting only $200/night including taxes.

Rabbit B, a.k.a, Auberge Suisse with comfy and affordable rooms at $138/night including taxes and breakfast.

Rabbit C, a.k.a, San Antonio Hotel offering rooms at $150/night including taxes and breakfast.

No more rabbits for the Mzaar resort, but few options remain in the Cedars such as the Cedars chalet at $125/person/night including taxes and in Lakouk at the Shangri-La hotel starting $110/night including taxes and breakfast.

Here’s our NY-3 countdown for the rooms available in the resorts. We will keep you posted daily with the latest updates. Oh, and guys, refrain from having shotguns at home!

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