Where is the SNOW?

So you’re aching for some serious skiing in Lebanon but… where did all that snow go?

Snow Mzaar Lebanon

“Come out, come out wherever you are!”

If you’re done playing hide and seek with snow, here’s a little hint:

1- Go to your internet browser

2- Type skileb.com

3- Remove anything breakable near you

4- Go to the top banner on the homepage and click webcams: taraaa

5- Feel free to jump in excitement (only if 3- is checked)

Slopes condition, weather, webcams, chalets and hotels; we have got it all! Oh and if you’re planning to spend New Year’s in one of the resorts, it is now or never, tomorrow (you’ve guessed it) will be too late! So make sure you book your hotel or chalet in Mzaar, Cedars, Laklouk by following the steps above; just replace 4- by “Witness the awesomeness of the choices available”.

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