Would You Look at That!

Once again, our snow dance pays off! Lucky for you you’ve got Skileb.com to sprinkle some snowflakes to your holiday season and taraaa:

Cedars Snow Lebanon

Now, how would you like to spend the holidays surrounded by nothing but the beautiful snowy mountains of the Cedars in your own private chalet? (ahh, that’s the dream!) Fireplace gatherings, alpine cooked meal, throw in some wine and happy faces and we bet you will never want to leave! The Cedars chalet is still available but not for long! Spend New Year with your loved ones at the highest mountain resort in the Middle East for just $2,000!

Stay up to date with the Cedars slopes’ condition by checking out the Cedars webcam! Oh and kids, snow dance is tricky! It should not be tried at home unless supervised by a snow dance professional (a.k.a Skileb.com). Classes for beginners start today!

*Snowy snowy snowy woomba, snowy snowy woomba toomba*

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