Winter Vibes and Fire Dragon Show

Winter Vibes Mzaar LebanonOrganized by Mzaar Ski Resort

As per the tradition of hosting the WV & FDS, we have come to realize that this event has earned a bigger response than expected and therefore our audience is expecting more impressive program year after year.

Winter Vibes a highly animated show with entertaining atmosphere giving crowd an enjoyable moment to remember thanks to talented musicians and signers.

The Fire Dragon Show is a remarkable fire show with a fire descent, musical fireworks and this year, Rossignol intercontinental team will offer the Lebanese audience a breathtaking freestyle show live on snow with special International guests.

Winter Vibes Mzaar

At 08:30 slopes are yours to enjoy an unforgettable Ski by night feeling.

This event can be balanced in winter by the weight of the Mzaar Summer Festival in the summer. Starting 11:30 AM day time and 07:00 PM night time.

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